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At Byteio, we understand the responsibility of being the brand’s voice to connect people and generate results. Thus, we truly get involved with each client’s universe to make suggestions and apply the best communication solutions. We produce various digital formats, such as articles, infographics, ebooks, and generate pieces that help brands position themselves in the minds of consumers.

As part of our content marketing strategy, we analyze the objectives of each company, define their target audience, and produce content according to the language of each company that is focused on SEO (organic search optimization).

Our team of collaborators, made up of writers, journalists, graphic designers, SEO experts, and editors, will support you throughout your campaign and help you devise the best strategies to achieve your goals.

We Offer

Blog Writing

The blog has become an essential tool in web positioning. In addition to providing value to your customers and potential customers, the blog provides content regularly to your website (something that is highly valued by Google), naturally attracting links and improving your positioning in search engines. Therefore, we offer a content writing service for your corporate blog so that you can reach your audience.

We are experts in managing blogs and the development of original and relevant articles for your audience. We have an editorial team specialized in writing 100% original texts that are positioned in Google and generate leads.

Web Content Writing

Web content writing is a key element in a website. On the one hand, it allows you to communicate effectively with your customers, prospects, or partners, and on the other hand, to improve the visibility and SEO of your internet showcase. At Byteio, we put all our skills and mastery of web semantics to guarantee the production of structured and perfectly optimized web content.
What tone of writing do you want for your site? Is it casual? Sophisticated? Technician? Or a mixture of all the three? Our team of expert writers creates content that perfectly translates your business. In addition to incorporating your style, we also add a touch of creativity to ensure your visitors stay and become customers. Do not believe us? Again, you’re still reading this copy, are not you?

Our Pricing Plan

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Basic Content Marketing Package Popular
  • Each month, Wendt Partners will provide:
  • --
  • --
  • 1 Content marketing consultation
  • 1 Marketing email
  • 1 Social media campaign
  • 1 Blog post with keyword optimization
  • 1 New content page on primary website
  • 1 Keyword analysis and SEO review
  • 1 Social media monitoring review


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Standard Content Marketing PackagePopular
  • Each month, Wendt Partners will provide:
  • 1 Content marketing consultation
  • 2 Marketing emails
  • 2 Social media campaigns
  • 1 Visual social graphic
  • 1 Digital press release with distribution
  • 2 Blog posts with keyword optimization
  • 2 New content pages on primary website
  • 1 Keyword analysis and SEO review
  • 2 Social media monitoring reviews


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Professional Content Marketing PackagePopular
  • Each month, Wendt Partners will provide:
  • 2 Content marketing consultations
  • 2 Marketing emails
  • 2 Landing pages and CTAs
  • 2 Social media campaigns
  • 3 Visual social graphics or 1 infographic
  • 2 Digital press releases with distribution
  • 4 Blog posts with keyword optimization
  • 4 New content pages on primary website
  • 2 Keyword analysis and SEO reviews
  • 4 Social media monitoring reviews
  • Advanced assistance with supported
    software/SaaS systems.
  • This package also includes 1 premium content deliverable (eBook, white paper, etc.) per quarter.


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Enterprise Content Marketing PackagePopular
  • Each month, Wendt Partners will provide:
  • 4 Content marketing consultations
  • 4 Marketing emails
  • 2 Landing pages and CTAs
  • 4 Social media campaigns
  • 8 Visual social graphics or 2 infographics
  • 2 Digital press releases with distribution
  • 16 Blog posts with keyword optimization
  • 8 New content pages on primary website
  • 4 Keyword analysis and SEO reviews
  • 4 Social media monitoring reviews
  • Advanced assistance with supported software/SaaS systems.
  • This package includes 2 premium content deliverables (eBook, white paper, etc.) per quarter. Note: Clients may opt to develop 1 content marketing video in lieu of 2 premium content deliverables.


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Infographics - Digital Infographics Design Service

If you want to synthesize large amounts of information in a simple but attractive way, infographics are your best allies. Knowing the power of visuals and content, we design infographics that allow you to visually see a topic, a solution, or a product quickly.

The brands are betting more and more on this format since it helps capture the audience’s attention and generate engagement and quickly become viral. And the best thing is that it adapts perfectly to several platforms; you can use them in your social networks, blog, or newsletter.

Press Release Writing

The press release aims to present concisely and strikingly the news of your company, a product, or a service. The press release lays the foundation for long-term communication and allows you to expand your audience at a lower cost than advertising. Knowing that, we offer you the possibility of creating a press release that gathers all the information that the media needs about your activity to reach clients in an attractive way and with an interesting perspective. We are aware that this important document is basic for your business’s public relations and, therefore, we will strive to provide rich content.

We gather the information about the company, business, or activity you want to present in a precise and concrete way. We will send it to the media for its dissemination. The press release has a concise, punctual useful life, eliminating superfluous or redundant data and focusing on the main topic. Brevity and conciseness are the keys to presenting an idea that impacts.


At a time when it is becoming increasingly challenging to capture the attention of consumers, already victims of daily overdoses of information and advertising, the newsletter and emailing allow your company to reach them at all strokes and especially to maintain a privileged relationship with them. As long as you know how to optimize it.At Byteio, we write the newsletters or bulletins of your company so that you can maintain a continuous and fluid relationship with your clients. We also made them by extracting information already published on your website, optimizing the headline and the keynote to highlight. We offer different possibilities of periodicity since the needs of each case must be assessed. Our newsletter writing experts add more efficiency to your messages by carefully choosing the words that appeal and get understood.

Content Writing That Works For You

Copywriting is not a job for everyone: often, under the guise of selling articles, you can order text written according to the same type of template, which does not bring anything new, does not reveal the advantages and characteristics of the company. Illiterate and incoherent texts repel customers, and with them, your profit. Our texts are targeted at the target audience, written in an understandable language; they play on the needs of clients and push them to take the necessary action. In addition, we make any edits free of charge until the material is fully accepted. We guarantee uniqueness and punctuality.

How Is Our Approach To Content Creation Different?

Quality content is essential to gain audience trust and influence purchasing decisions. Modern users do not make purchases after passively viewing ads; they are looking for similar products, read reviews, reviews, expert opinions. All content marketing is built on the formula: don’t sell, but share knowledge. We work with copywriters who have professional training, understand the intricacies of SEO and LSI algorithms, use modern text construction methods – AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), ODC (Offer, Deadline, Call-to-action), TOVP (Features, Benefits, Benefits).

Content marketing will allow you to accelerate business development and get closer to your audience if true professionals take over. If you, like us, adhere to transparent, professional relations and are ready for the fact that your site will have several times more potential customers, entrust this task to us.

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